Tuesday, 22 June 2010


The Financial Times reports on how and where local authorities have begun cutting expenditure before the Budget.
"Services such as meals-on-wheels, residential care and highways maintenance are suffering in some areas, while others are cutting spending on sport and arts or reducing support for voluntary groups."
 "Even before government spending cuts, cost pressures on councils, which spend £115bn a year in England, have been mounting. Rising demand on social services has pushed up fees and charges, while more money is being spent on child protection following the Baby Peter case. The costs of greater recycling, rising energy costs, falling interest rates for cash holdings and a drop in fees from planning applications have also taken a toll."
Maybe if as a nation we did not spend £millions/billions on items such as 'Walk Co-ordinators, Ethnic Minority Equality Officers and all the other useless non-jobs we would not need to cut services such as meals-on-wheels and residential care. If we did not have to comply with ridiculous schemes such as the EU Waste Directives, if we did not robotically follow the Climate Change mantra* - again dictated by our EU membership and the robotic adherence to this demonstrated by our numpty political elite we would not need to cut services such as meals-on-wheels and residential care.

As for cutting funding of sport, having witnessed the Ingerland 'display' at the World Cup, that cut would not be missed either.

Just a thought...................

* Hey, just realised that would also solve the problem of the 'Huhne extra-marital' embarrassment for the government as we could then dispense with his services and save another ministerial salary. Result!

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