Friday, 25 June 2010

Why Stop With Local Authorities?

'Gentle' criticism has been levelled by one or two readers at my impatience with the present government's seeming lack of speed in 'de-regulating' our society, coupled with their stated desire to 'devolve power' to the people.

I cannot however resist passing comment on something that Greg Clark, Minister for Decentralisation, is quoted as saying whilst commenting on Eric Pickles decision to halt the practice of Comprehensive Area Assessments (CAAs).
".... it is vital for democracy that we reverse the years of increasing state control and give power and responsibility back to people, communities and councils."
If it is vital that the years of increasing state control are reversed and power and responsibility is given back to the people, perhaps Greg Clark can answer why he belongs to a political party that insists on remaining subservient to the European Union.

Bearing in mind the point I made here with regard to the, virtually unlimited, power given to the EU by means of the Lisbon Treaty it would appear that it is very much a case of 'We [the government] will decide what power you may have' - surely a demonstration of 'Democratic Dictatorship' if ever there was one?

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