Monday, 7 June 2010

Post Election Thoughts

One of the blogs on my list is that of The Boiling Frog, who stood for one of the Oxfordshire constituencies on behalf of UKIP. He has some pertinent thoughts, post election, which can be found here.

Picking up on a couple of points - Cameron now wishing to 'consult' with the electorate on 'cuts - and Ed Balls admitting that Labour 'got it wrong' on immigration just illustrates the utter cowardice and also the complete deceit of our political class. As The Boiling Frog states; would it not have been 'honourable'* to have discussed this during the election campaign? Coupled with this, not one of the Lib/Lab/Con wished to discuss the question - and consequences of - Britain's membership of the European Union, yet now they are being forced to and still they lie and deceive.

One only has to look at the latest Commission paper - linked to in this post of mine earlier today - to see that not one government will be able to govern Britain until such time as she has left this odious, controlling, Soviet-style organisation. It is worth noting that everything listed on the Commission paper will come to pass, one way or another - and there will be little any government can do to stop it whilst Britain remains a member. As TBF writes: "Either they grasp the nettle or it will be done for them.

It might seem pretentious of this humble blogger to suggest that maybe our political class should remember we have had one civil war - and what we have done once, we can always do again!

* A 'mis-nomer' as a form of political address in the House perhaps, in view of present knowledge?

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The Boiling Frog said...

Many thanks WFW for link and comment. Much appreciated. I'll have to call you a posh git more often ;)