Monday, 7 June 2010

Democratised Dictatorship

One of my favourite phrases to describe the system of democracy under which we now live and which is amply illustrated by this statement from Nick Clegg on the subject of Lords Reform:
"...... it is totally legitimate for us to create a committee which is composed of the three UK wide parties all of whom were united in having manifesto commitments at this last general election committed to reform......."
Obviously the opinions of the other parties in the House of Commons are of no consequence. Neither are those of the British people who surely have a voice where any changes to how we are governed are concerned. 

"Ask the people" I hear Call Me Dave and Nick cry with incredulous consternation - heavens above we have only just got their agreement to the continuation of our 'Ponzi Scheme', so why in God's name should we ask them this? After all, the mugs have accepted a manifesto we cobbled together after the votes had been counted - what more can they want? 

See what I mean when I use the term 'Democratised Dictatorship'?

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