Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sex Education Isn't Nice

So the National Institute for Clinical Excellence has decided to pontificate about when young children should be educated about sex. The story is covered here, here and here.

Setting to one side the envitable loss of 'innocence of youth', what is more important is surely it is the choice of the parents as to when such a subject is broached and is not the remit of some unelected, unaccountable collection of bureaucrats? Neither, it has to be said, is it the decision of our MPs supposedly elected, supposedly accountable representatives.

According to Reuters, "Inadequate sex education at a young age is widely seen as contributing to Britain's steep rate of teenage conception" - nothing to do of course with our society providing accommodation and an income for unmarried mothers.


Anonymous said...

We should never underestimate the hidden agendas at work nor the number of paedophiles who exist within the fabric of our education system.

When explicit sex education is proposed for young children this should be a wake up call for every parent.

We really are far too trusting of our so called representatives who are more often than not simply serving themselves

woodsy42 said...

I thought NICE were the people who looked at NHS treatments and drug availability? Sex and teen pregnancy may be inconvenient but they are not - and indeed should not - be considered as an illness.
Why are NICE being allowed to take on the role of a social and educational policy pressure group?

Chuckles said...

'Widely seen' by whom?