Friday, 11 June 2010

Schapps Blackmails Us With Another Grant

Grant Schapps, the Housing Minister, has come up with a plan to 'reward' local people for allowing housing developments in their locale by matching the council tax revenue collected from these homes. The money will continue for six years, with extra provided for affordable homes for first-time buyers.
"An authority that ensured 10,000 new homes are put up could be in line for £100 million over six years. The incentives will be available for housing schemes that receive planning permission today."
Schapps old chap, the bloody country is f'ing broke and as a result, you don't have £100million to spend on some half-arsed scheme - remember, the only money any government has is that which it extorts from the people - and it would help if it could be spent wisely!. Do note also the 'could be in line for', so nothing definite there then - mind you, would you expect anything but 'airy-fairy' promises from a politician? The only 'definite' you can expect from our political elite is that they will find a way to circumvent the new expenses system - but again I digress......

We were assured of more say over planning with the CamerLegg government promising to devolve power, but it seems that the political dictatorship exhibited by the last government is only too alive and well under this one. Oh yes, we can have more say over planning, but by God are we going to pay for it!

And how pray do local authorities handle the additional calls on what are already overstretched public services - education, health, law & order?

Of course there is one simple way to reduce the big demand for housing - just shut the bloody door to the country!


James Higham said...

People like Schapps just don't get it at all.

Witterings From Witney said...

Quite agree James, although Mark Wadsworth has a slightly different take on it here: