Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What A Surprise - Not!

Michael Crick posts on the 're-appearance' of Chris Huhne only 48 hours after the 'expose' of his extra-marital affair - a post which includes:
"Huhne also revealed that senior Lib Dems had conducted war games before the election, in preparation for possible negotiations with the Conservatives in the event that no party got an overall majority. But in the event Lib Dem negotiators were surprised that the Conservatives conceded ground to them to the extent they did." (my emphasis)
First, the Conservative 'heirachy' are more 'Liberal' than they are 'Conservative' and, second, there was the collective greed for 'government' - and the perks which go with ministerial position. Hardly 'rocket science' Mr. C - how much are you paid by the BBC?

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