Sunday, 13 June 2010

Carswell Half-Right

Douglas Carswell posts on the story that the top civil servant at the MOD is 'to go' and that we need to oust those bods who've overseen our appalling and indefensible system of defence procurement.

My comment was "Never mind about the MOD - perhaps we should oust those bods who've overseen our appalling and indefensible system of democracy since 1972!"

Think on that DC and instead of talking about it with your Direct Democracy 'benign' campaign - 'benign' according to Daniel Hannan's latest Euro Bulletin email of 11th June - actually do something about it!


Richard said...

Poor little darling Carswell has never been able to work out the difference between definitional and procurement issues ... but then he is a Tory MP at heart and would thus have difficulty in working with two ideas simultaneously.

His helicopter problem is a definitional issue - nothing to do with procurement, which has actually worked quite efficiently here.

The problem is thus way above the procurement oiks and rests with the former CGS, where the buck comes skidding to a halt. And that is the man who just happens to be advising the ... er ... Tory Party.

James Higham said...

It's certainly revealing their limitations in seeing the whole picture.