Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Drink Drive Limits

Amongst many media outlets the BBC reports on the proposed suggestion that the UK's drink drive limits should be lowered from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml.

Predictably all the anti-drink quangos and 'fake' charities have jumped on the bandwagon hailing this as a necessary course of action - no surprise there then! Of course this is nothing new as this idea was first floated back in December 2009 with an article in the Times.

Ed West, in the same year, commented on his blog about this need to "bring into line with Europe" and one does wonder what 'pressure' has been applied behind the scenes by the EU. While we are one of only five countries with higher limits to the rest of Europe, it should also be noted that this survey - to which Ed West links - shows that drivers in the UK are the second safest
Anyway, why must all countries in the EU 'conform' to a common standard?  Yet another example of 'harmonisation', thereby negating each country's wish to be different - an aspect of which the EU has 'form which should be a very 'sobering' thought!

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microdave said...

Give them a few more years to reduce the limit to zero. Then (by default) ALL accidents will be caused by sober people.
What will the "ban everything" brigade do then?