Sunday, 20 June 2010

Call Me Dave Skewered By One Of His Own Side

Peter Hitchens, writing in the Mail on Sunday, mentions the question posed by Philip Davies MP (Shipley) who is, to repeat Peter Hitchens, a 'true' Conservative. Davies' question at PMQ's, for those who missed it, was:
"The millions of people who voted Conservative at the last Election in order to make him Prime Minister did not do so in order to see a reduction in the number of people sent to prison or to see those criminals given softer sentences. If he really wants to reduce the budget of the Prison Service, may I suggest that he starts by taking Sky TV away from the 4,000 prisoners who enjoy that luxury in their cells?"
Hitchens then proceeds to pose the question of how long will the likes of Philip Davies continue to sit on the same side of the House, along with Call Me Dave and his 'Liberal' friends and wonders how long it will be before all the anti-British are on the government side of the House and those that believe in the continuance of the United Kingdom as a self-governing nation are on the benches opposite.

This could get come on Carswell and all those who signed up to Direct Democracy - when can we see you all 'piling-in' and causing a spot of trouble for CMD?

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JuliaM said...

"...when can we see you all 'piling-in' and causing a spot of trouble for CMD? "

Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch, could it?