Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Benedict Brogan - Journalist???

Benedict Brogan posts with a title suggesting that Call Me Dave must be prepared to upset his new friends if Britain is to maintain its sovereignty. Sovereignty - what sovereignty? We have handed the bulk of it to Brussels!

It is "journalists" such as Brogan - and I deliberately use the word in inverted commas to signify my sarcasm - that really makes me mad. Discussing the situation prior to the election, when Cameron and his most vocal PR assistant - Hannan - was assuring the electorate that if you wanted a Eurosceptic government then Cameron and Hague were 'your men', Brogan writes: "All the assumptions about how Mr Cameron would address an issue that has long poisoned his party have been overturned. Partly, this is due to the creation of the Coalition: the deal with the Lib Dems required that Tory talk of repatriating powers would be dropped........" Partly? No, Brogan; totally, as the need to have the LibDems on board in order to enter No10 meant Call Me Dave was presented with an open door through which he could pass and thus walk away from trouble within his own party together with avoiding a situation he did not really wish to address.

The fact that "ministers have engaged with their European counterparts – and with the European Commission – with a single-minded seriousness" is due purely to their desire to 'obey Call Me Dave's orders', plus the need to comply if they wished to enjoy the fruits of ministerial office. So much for political principles!

Returning to the European Elections, it has always amazed me that the British electorate never 'twigged' the contradiction of Cameron believing in EU membership - and his 'Euroscepticism' as presented by Hannan. Call Me Dave may wish to run from the EU problem, however I would suggest that his immediate problem is here, in that his coalition may not last another six months or so - it has always been my belief that another election would be 'on the cards' before year-end and this article in the Guardian only reinforces that belief.

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Anonymous said...

I was surprised by Brogan's piece, I have long been of the opinion that Cameron loves the EU and all it stands for. There can be no doubt of this, everything he said led to that one conclusion, like his predecessors he lied and carried on doing it. He will accept everything the EU requires of him.