Thursday, 10 June 2010

Winds Of 'Change' Blow The Cleggs Way

And the amount of 'change' could well reach £100,000 according to the print edition of the Daily Telegraph, with the Mail-online also reporting on the appointment of Miriam Gonzalez to the board of directors of Acciona, a major Spanish construction firm specialising in building wind turbines. According to the Telegraph she will earn £3,500 per day for 12 meetings a year and is also likely to receive £50,000 in shares. It is however noted that she will not take part in any discussions relating to the company's British interests.

Bearing in mind she is married to one of the heads belonging to the hydra presently governing our country, it is a tad difficult not to believe that a conflict of interest exists. It must be logical to assume that had she not been the wife of Nick Clegg she would not have been invited to join the board of Acciona (which describes itself as the 'world leader in the development and construction of wind installations') if it had not been calculated that her status as the wife of Britain's Deputy Prime Minister would not prove to be lucrative, particularly since her husband's Lib Dem party is obsessed with creating more green energy.

Miriam Gonzalez may well be a very successful lawyer, an expert in European regulatory matters and, as the Telegraph reports, worked on the telecoms industry at the European Commission but as politicians have to be very, very careful in their conduct so too do their spouses. As with examples in the Major, Blair and Brown governments, this appointment of Miriam Gonzalez reeks of 'sleaze' and that is something we were promised was a thing of the past.

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on this story too and I leave the last words to him.

"One thing for sure, though - the very tidy income the Cleggies now pull in will allow them to weather the financial crises that they and their ilk have helped create. Hardship, like rules and taxes, is for the little people. The slime look after themselves."

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