Monday, 7 June 2010

Deliver Us From Evil

The Commission of the European Union has issued a communication that bears close resemblance to any document that was forthcoming from the Politburo of Soviet Russia. This 'Action Plan' states that "....the European Union has more than ever the duty to protect and project our values and
to defend our interests............ensuring that citizens can exercise their rights and fully benefit from European integration.
" to which must firstly be pointed out that use of the word 'our' by the Commission is perfectly acceptable - because they sure as hell ain't mine! Secondly, it would be even more acceptable if those citizens who, forming a majority in their country, did not wish to 'exercise their rights and fully benefit from European integration' could bloody well leave!

The introductory preamble states that "The administration of justice must not be impeded by unjustifiable differences between the Member States’ judicial systems.." which can be read as the eventual introduction of the continental system of justice known as Corpus Juris. This communication is 69 pages long and contains 58, yes 58, pages detailing areas in which action will be taken.

Any one of these proposals can be classed as a transfer of power in that they remove from the nation state the right to determine the conditions under which they wish to live. A statement recently made by Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, speaking about the Growth and Stability Pact, stated "We have replaced government with rules" - something which just about sums up the entire 'raison-d'etre' of the European Union and this Commission document.

Yet again the question must be posted: And the terrible twins (Cameron & Clegg) still believe they do - and will, in future - govern? 

H/T: IPJonPolitics for bring this to my attention

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