Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cameron's Illogicality & Red Lines

Tony Blair, when Prime Minister, famously had 'red lines' which he would not cross (but did) where matters EU were concerned, so it is hardly surprising that the 'Heir to Blair' has decided he wants some too. Understandably, it is highly likely that the 'Heir to Blair's' 'red lines' will prove just as easily crossed as that of Blair's himself, but again I digress........

One question for Call Me Dave: Could he please explain where the question of 'economic sovereignty' differs from say, 'energy sovereignty'? If as Call Me Dave maintains it is a matter of sovereignty that the UK's parliament should see budget proposals before anyone else, then surely it is a matter of sovereignty that the UK parliament should also decide the 'how' whereby we should provide our source(s) of energy?

James Kirkup, on his blog, asks whether Call Me Dave is 'softening' his attitudes towards Europe, which is akin to asking if the Pope is a Catholic. The Con part of the ConLib government unelected democratic dictatorship that now governs us always has been 'soft' on Europe.

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Anonymous said...

"Gone soft on the EU", that is a joke, isn't it? He has always been soft on the EU and always will be.