Monday, 14 June 2010

Hear Hear

Richard North, EU Referendum, has a 'pointed' post about Afghanistan and Call Me Dave, one of the two-headed hydra that rules us. As an aside, in the picture on Richard's post, the other 'head' sits on a bench behind and to Call Me Dave's left- doing his ventriloquist act!

As history shows not one country has ever managed to conquer bring democracy to that country, which begs the question why we ever decided to go there, let alone why we are still there.

As I have posted previously, it is ironic that two parties intent on bringing democracy to a distant country can be equally intent on destroying that of their own country!


microdave said...

"which begs the question why we ever decided to go there" - Agreed

"let alone why we are still there." - That's changed dramatically (well at least for the Americans) with the discovery of huge mineral deposits:

Witterings From Witney said...

m, thanks for that - always nice to have someone destroy a rhetorical question!

Only joking - regardless, still believe we should be out damn pdq!

microdave said...

Absolutely! - but even if we do stay, you can be sure that we won't get any of the minerals.....

lenko said...

I hate to further destroy your rhetorical question, but it was just ego on the part of Bush, who dragged the suggestible teenager Blair along with him.

He wanted to be the guy who conquered Afghanistan... ruler of the Middle East. The most powerful idiot in the world.