Thursday, 24 June 2010

Honourable Behaviour

Following my short post on the Civil List and the views of Gerald Warner, which I completely echo, today comes news of the release of MPs expenses (which can be accessed here) in the months after the Expenses Scandal broke. Paul Waugh posts on, for example, the travel costs of Diane Abbott, an Inner London MP, who seems to have a 'need' for travel by taxi, having clocked up £1,152.

When considering the manner in which HM has conducted herself, compared with the conduct of MPs, only someone with no understanding of the word 'honourable' would dare voice criticism of 'Our Liz'.

Don't let any MP, regardless of party, dare question the costs of the Queen - don't let them dare!

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john in cheshire said...

I agree with you. As for abott, she is beyond contempt. Typical socialist/communist, racist hypocrit. And the bbc love her, which makes her doubly, or even trebly, a figure to be put in her place.