Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Media

I have long railed against the standard of journalism to which the British public are subjected - matters of interest not being reported - or when they are reported, done so in an extremely partisan style. The written and spoken word is an extremely important weapon in propaganda telling the reader what they want are allowed to know - and the same opinion can be levied at editors who control the output of press photographers. Richard North, EU Referendum*, has an example of 'selective' photography, whereby the same photograph can be used to illustrate a story from three completely different angles. Whilst it is true that the camera never lies, a picture editor can make it do just that!

On a personal level I have lost count of the number of those I know who have come to the conclusion that there is only one way left to discover what is going on in the world today - and that is through the internet and via 'bloggers' too numerous to mention. This begs the question whether we do in fact have a 'free' press, or whether we are being 'conditioned' by newspapers who, in one manner or another, increasingly seem to be controlled by our political masters.

Just a I invariably say.

* And no, I do not receive one penny piece in commission for all the referrals I provide to his site - I just believe in using any means available to spread the word of truth!

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