Sunday, 24 May 2009

Alan Johnson - Smoke Screen

Alan Johnson, in what must be a move to replace Gordon Brown as Labour leader, does no more than put a 'smokescreen' up in the hope of 'clouding' the issue that faces Britain.

It can be argued that proportional representation would serve the minor parties in increasing their share of representation in Parliament, however it can also be argued that such a move would mean that there is no 'firm government', as one party would not, probably, have a mandate for its policies.

Why is it that politicians cannot recognise it is not just proportional representation that is oneof the questions than require consideration; rather the whole system of government, if this country is to raise itself out of the mire into which it has descended.

As has I have posted previously, what is needed is a form of 'Constitutional Committee' who should publish its recommendations indue course and then, and only then, should a referendum be held on said proposals.

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