Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Yes Mr. Brown - Lets Discuss Europe!

According to the Financial Times, that is exactly what our Dear Leader wishes to do.

Repeating the mantra that he will bring forward proposals to 'clean up' Parliament, Mr Brown writes. “But. . . we should also not lose sight of what politicians have been elected to do – address the everyday concerns of those who elected us in the first place.”

Shall we start by discussing the £40 million a day Britain's membership costs?

Shall we discuss the untold £millions you and your party have p****d up against the bloody wall, through our membership of the EU, then?

Shall we discuss the draconian measures you and your party have imposed on the British people, gold-plating EU Directives?

Shall we discuss the salaries you have paid to incompetent, brain-dead colleagues, appointed as Ministers of Europe by you?

Shall we discuss the broken manifesto pledge of holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?

Shall we discuss why it is that on every occasion that the Labour Party assumes power, at the end of their tenure the country is broke and society ruined?

Oh sorry Gordon, I forgot - you don't talk to us, the people, only down to us!

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