Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Gordon Brown's Press Conference & Speaker's Statement

As has been picked up by Burning Our Money, there remains a few questions and having been watching Sky News, none of which any of the political commentators appears to have noticed in regard to this new Independent Statutory Body that will 'regulate' MPs Expenses and Allowances.

Who does this Independent Statutory Body report to? Who will be appointed to this body? Who will be responsible for appointing members to this new body? When it is acknowledged that there are too many quangos, where is the logic in creating yet another one? What will be the cost of this new quango - needless to say, one will not ask who is going to be responsible for its funding!

What has happened here is that parliamentarians - the party leaders and an inner clique - have decided, once again, to regulate themselves - is this not where the present problems arose in the first place?

Update: A Very British Dude with basically the same questions and two good suggestion, one of which I have been 'promoting'

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