Thursday, 28 May 2009

Yet Another 'Cleggism'!

Nick Clegg has opened his mouth, yet again, without previously engaging brain, if his latest 'utterings' are anything to go by.

"There is a real risk political parties are becoming their own judge and juries of their [members'] misdemeanours. They've got to be referred not to their own political parties but to someone independent, an independent commission."

Typical! Just like a quasi-socialist presented with a problem and for whom there is only one answer - he wants to create an 'independent commission'!

Without asking the obvious questions, such as who would be on the 'commission' and what would be the 'base line' of their remit - Clegg just does not get it. He cannot realise the basic point that MPs; whether they be mere MPs, Ministers or Party Leaders are our employees and it is not up to the employee to tell the employer what they want or intend to do! Like Brown, he seems to forget that we, the voters, have a choice come an election and that choice will be made.

Question young Clegg: This sudden interest in democracy - expenses, allowances, democracy, proportional representation, MPs conduct and 'punishment', open primaries etc - does this have anything to do with the fact that your own seat in Sheffield Hallam might be under threat?

Yes? Thought so!

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