Sunday, 24 May 2009

Constitutional Reform

In posts on this blog I have, on many occasions, called for a far-reaching review of Britain's democracy, based on the ideas encapsulated in Carswell's/Hannan's paper, The Plan.

In this respect, it is essential that a 'Constitutional Committee' - for want of a better term - is formed. Those 'reformist' politicians, of which Carswell and Hannan are but two, should be invited to participate in such deliberations, along with the likes of 'serious' bloggers such as Richard North who has worked in the 'Westminster Arena'. The resultant proposals can then be put to the British electorate in the form of a referendum.

There is absolutely no point in 'tinkering at the edges' of the problem, with calls such as that of Alan Johnson, as we need to look at all aspects such as re-call systems for MPs, open primaries, local governance, who governs Britain - Britain or the EU, to name but a few.

The sooner politicians, of all political persuasions, accept this the better and the sooner we, as a country, can solve our ills.

So how about us bloggers get together and post on this subject continually and eventually, you never know, the MSM and politicians might just catch on and start earning their money!

What say you all?

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Henry North London said...

They will never adopt the Plan unless it is changed.