Friday, 29 May 2009

June 4th Labour Armageddon Day?

Could well be if the Times/Polulus poll is anything to go by.

"The Conservatives fall four points to 30 per cent, compared with their position of three weeks ago, Labour drop nine points to just 16 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats fall eight points to 12 per cent. UKIP are the huge beneficiaries, rising 13 points to 19 per cent, ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats."

We shall see!

Update: Mike Smithson on says: "On William Hill political markets you can still get 11/8 on UKIP coming out with more European Parliament seats than Labour. Sounds good to me and I’ve put more on."

Update Update: Even seem to be getting the UKIP 'bug', albeit only slightly!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Glory be to God and Hallelujah! Pray the weather holds until next Thursday!