Sunday, 17 May 2009

Miliband Wants 'To Fight For His Honour'??

This must rank as the most hyprocritical statement of the year! Fight for his honour - what honour Mr. Miliband?

It is apparent that a number of MPs do not have 'honour' and do not even have the remotest idea what the word means. Miliband forgets that if the Telegraph had not carried out this series of 'revelations', his 'honour' and that of other MPs would not be the subject of discussion and that he and his ilk could have carried on as before - abusing the word!

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Mark Wadsworth said...


Even his dimmer younger brother realised that it is better to claim modest expenses of £7,000 or so and enrich himself by bunging a load of contracts in the general direction of his girffriend's employer, allegedly.