Sunday, 31 May 2009

David Cameron Still Doesn't Get It!

Quoted on Politics Home, David Cameron says:

Discussing the Government's plans for a Committee to look at the expenses and allowances scandal, he said:

"There’s a problem with the Committee being proposed to look at whether claims were within the rules over the last four years. We need to look at the rules and ask were they reasonable, were these claims right. The answer is to have an early General Election." and on the subject of a 'recall system' he said: "Recall has to have a proper trigger." He also said that for an MP to be considered for recall they would have to have been censured by Parliament."

One has to ask what the purpose is for a general election with the existing MPs, guilty of 'abuse', still in place as prospective candidates? One can but repeat that every MP - including all party leaders - should be required to attend a reselection meeting and that those meetings should be held under the auspices of an open primary.

One also has to point out that for a 'recall system' only to be allowed if an MP has been censured by Parliament is no more than maintaining the present system of self-regulation and misses the point that if there is to be such a system then it must be for the constituency electorate - and no-one else - that should have the right to so decide.

Yet again this is but another example of a politician - and Cameron is not alone in this - 'deciding' what they believe is best for the electorate, without asking said electorate!

When will politicians learn - and remember - that it is the electorate who are their masters?

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