Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Police Prosecutions On 'Expensegate'

The report in the Telegraph today stating that Sir Paul Stephenson, head of the Metropolitan Police, and Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of Wales, may well instigate investigations into MPs if allegations are made to them highlights a problem or two.

What is to be the 'base' level of 'criminality'? Is it to be the level set out by David Cameron that rent/mortgage and utility bills are the only items that can be classified as 'wholly and exclusively' necessary to enable an MP to carry out his/her duties.

It is believed that most people would accept the idea that furniture, food, and other extraordinary claims, for example moat cleaning etc, are an 'abuse' of the system of expenses. Likewise instances of 'flipping', gains made through property deals whereby MPs have 'pocketed' the profits must surely be considered as criminal acts?

Perhaps all MPs who have made claims over and above the 'Cameron Standard' should be barred from standing at the next General election until their claims have been investigated? What is, without doubt, generally accepted is that the defense of 'it was within the rules' is no defense in the court of public opinion.

The foregoing are but initial 'musings' as having only just got up the brain is not yet fully in gear!

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