Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Caroline Flint - Numpty!

From Hansard 19th May 2009 - Column 1327:

"Mr. Evennett: Can the Minister confirm categorically that any changes to the Lisbon treaty for any country would mean that the treaty needed to be re-ratified? Would the Government then hold a referendum on this matter?

Caroline Flint: I think that it is dead if people vote against it."

Setting aside that the Minister's response does not answer the question, we must therefore take her statement at face value. If Caroline Flint's statement is correct, then as the Irish voted NO last year, the Lisbon Treaty is dead - no question; however if it is not correct then does she not stand accused of misleading the House of Commons?

'Twould seem that like statements made in a Labour Party manifesto, a Labour Government minister's statement also cannot be relied upon?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

XLent find.

Either she means it IS dead, because of the Irish, or she means it WOULD BE dead if people had a chance to vote.