Sunday, 31 May 2009

Interesting Question For Cameron/Brown

If - and it could be argued that it is a big 'if', on the other hand maybe not such a big 'if' - the opinion polls are correct whereby the Eurosceptic parties, campaigning for withdrawal from the European Union, gain the majority of votes cast, this would lead to a dilemma for David Cameron - were he to become Prime Minister - and even Gordon Brown were he to, somehow, 'pull off the impossible'. Unless the Liberal Democrats were to poll exceptionally well and held the 'balance of power' it is logical, at present, to omit Nick Clegg from this dilemma.

All three party leaders have been espousing their own variations on the theme of 'localism', 'democracy', 'devolving power' and 'listening to the people'.

Such a scenario, whereby the 'out' votes gained a majority, would present a delightful problem for party leader's consideration in that continuance of Britain's membership would be construed as 'dictatorship' by the political class.

Compound this dilemma with a further projection of the previous scenario, whereby the tally of MEPs gained by UKIP were to be in the mid to high teens, and immediately one can see that each of the three main parties would be fighting on three fronts, instead of two, as surely UKIP would then enter the fray of a general election with renewed heart and a real chance of making an impact.

Not one that has been seen 'covered' by the political journalists and commentators, but all the same - Just a thought.............

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