Friday, 29 May 2009

An Open Letter To David Cameron

Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP,

Dear Mr. Cameron,

As one of your electorate I am extremely perturbed by your reported statement in the Daily Telegraph:

"I support our membership of the EU. I want us to change the EU so I don’t support an in/out referendum. I don’t think it’s right for Britain and I don’t think it’s what the country’s after...."

Surely the question on any referendum is a matter for the electorate of Britain?

As you have thrice refused to publicly debate with your constituents on the subject of Britain's membership of the European Union, how do you know what your constituents, let alone the country, think?

What gives you the right to think what the British electorate believe?

What gives you the right to decide whether the electorate wish to be governed by those they elect, or by an unelected, unaccountable body based in Brussels?

In a recent personal letter to your party members you stated: "'It's not just that UKIP are beset by in-fighting and scandal". What gives you the right to make such a statement when your own party is mired in 'sleaze'?

Chapter and verse please, Mr. Cameron - when did UKIP MEPs vote for more EU red tape, vote to let Spanish trawlers fish in protected British waters, vote against global free trade?

As this is an 'open letter' I look forward to your reply in the same manner and reserve the right of rebuttal.


* Copied by e-mail to Tim Montgomerie for on-passing to the addressee.

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