Friday, 15 May 2009

My Quote Of The Week

From Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph.

"No MP exposed as having stolen from us like this should feel able ever again to offer him or herself to an electorate."

That statement applies to any MP, living within an hours commute of Westminster, who has claimed ACA; any MP who has claimed £400 per month for food; any MP who has profited from 'flipping'; any MP who has not paid CGT on sales of properties bought with taxpayer's money; any MP who has not repaid any 'profit' from the sale of a property; any MP who has bought furniture/white goods/tvs/etc - or any item which is not 'wholly and exclusively necessary for them to do their job as an MP - on expenses or allowances and any MP who stands guilty in the 'court of public opinion' of misuse of their expenses/allowances.

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