Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cameron's Call For An Early Election

One comment that must be made on David Cameron's continual call for an early election and especially on the point that:

"If we're going to actually allow the public to express their anger about politics and politicians and parliament they want to do that in a general election. That's what needs to happen now," and "We can have all the change in the rules, all the money paid back in the world but the public want to say who represents them in parliament. They want a new parliament with a new Speaker". (David Cameron - Politics Home)

is that if the public want a say in who represents them in parliament, then how can they have that say when there is no real choice as (a) each party, through their constituency associations only selects one candidate for the electorate to elect to parliament, (b) the constituency association is only selecting from lists supplied by the political party itself and (c) if the public are to have a say then surely each political party should allow the electorate in each constituency to select their prospective parliamentary candidate, regardless of the individual electorate's political persuasion - in other words any selection must be by 'open primary'.

It is time that David Cameron, together with all party leaders and politicians, stopped 'playing with words', stopped being patronising and were honest with those that fund their lifestyles!

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