Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sky News Poll!

Maybe not a representative poll, but what the hell - this must be a slap in the face for the three main parties!

An incredible poll over at Sky News has shown that if there were an early General Election called due to the expenses scandal, UKIP could be expected to come second on 19.7% - with Labour coming a distant third on 11.5%.

The emergence of UKIP as the party that most people are backing due to their disgust with the political establishment is clear to see, when UKIP’s 19.5% is compared to the BNP on 9.5% and the Green party on 7.6%. Still high numbers, but small fries compared to the fact that UKIP would gain nearly a fifth of the vote of the country.

Most embarassingly, the supposed protest vote party led by Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats, come behind not just UKIP but alarmingly the BNP with a paltry 8.5%.

Nigel Farage has commented :

"Of course this is welcome news but we do have to take it with a pinch of salt. The Sky News e-panel is, as they themselves admit, not a representative sample of the electorate. It's online, so weighted heavily in favour of us with our large online presence. But it is still very cheering news for it shows that our message is getting through and the groundswell of support is in our favour. So two minutes joy and then back to work on the election! "

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