Thursday, 14 May 2009

Interest In UKIP On The Rise?

After being knocked and knocked, it looks like the press are starting to come to their senses and realise that UKIP, indeed, has a campaign underway which is going to see the party capture the anti-politician attitude felt towards all of the old parties right now.

As The Independent mentions, UKIP had 845,000 mentions in one month on social networking sites, more than any other party. That is nearly as much as all of the other parties combined.

Far from predicting a UKIP meltdown or obliteration as the newspapers have tended to for a while, The Independent, hardly a right-wing supporting paper of the party, admits that while it does not go along with the bookies prediction of UKIP beating Labour it definetly believes the party could come third.

Get ready for the rest of the papers to follow suit as they take a closer look at the parties which are going to challenge the establishment on June 4th.

Update: Wm. Hill offering good odds on UKIP if anyone fancies a flutter?

H/T: Independence Home