Saturday, 30 May 2009

Heffer's Comment Column Censored By Telegraph?

The print edition of Simon Heffer's column in the Daily Telegraph, compared to the online edition, contains one more item, headlined: "And my vote goes to..."

For the benefit of those who do not buy the print edition, Heffer's omitted article is this:

"I can well understand the inertia many of you feel when it comes even to thinking about voting in the European elections. But the day dawns next Thursday, and it is worth remembering the threat of the Treaty of Lisbon is still hanging over our heads.

I remain a resolute opponent of EU membership, which I regard as a massive and systematic fraud upon the taxpayer and a lethal weapon aimed at the heart of our democracy. I shall be voting and voting for Ukip. They have had their problems since 2004 but these are nothing compared with what is happening in the main parties. If you want out, I advise you to do the same."

In view of the editorial in today's edition - is the Telegraph practising a form of censorship?

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