Thursday, 21 May 2009

'Independant' Statutory Body

Dizzy has confirmed our worst fears in respect of the above with this post. His point that MPs admit they are unable to be trusted with regulating their own affairs, yet seem to believe they are capable of appointing their own 'watchdog', is well made.

In the comments section, Letters From A Tory also mentions the fact that this body could well be one exempt from the FOI Act - something no-one seems to have yet denied.

As I posted earlier:

"What has happened here is that parliamentarians - the party leaders and an inner clique - have decided, once again, to regulate themselves - is this not where the present problems arose in the first place?"

It is about time that politicians realised that we, the public, are not the fools that they take us for!

Update: Courtesy of Dizzy - link to the paper referred to.

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