Friday, 29 May 2009

Conservative Hyprocrasy

In a recent, personal, letter* to Conservative Party Members, David Cameron has written:

"........On 4th June Britain votes in the European and Local elections. Some people are saying on the doorstep that they may not vote at all, or they will not vote for any of the major parties. This reaction is understandable, but I believe it is wrong for Britain and wrong for Europe.

Let me give you three good reasons we can give them for supporting the Conservatives, first, Britain's future is in Europe. These European elections only happen every five years. We are the only major party still offering you a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Labour and the Liberal Democrats want to make important national decisions over the heads of voters, but never will. A vote for Conservatives is a vote for that referendum - something which in itself will help restore trust in politics for Britain's future at home.

What happens in Brussels has a big impact here. Crime, employment, immigration - all the big issues are debated over there, so we need the best people to stand up for Britain's interests.

Those people are the Conservatives. I'm proud of what our MEPs have achieved. They've been fighting hard for British jobs against EU legislation, saving small businesses from more red tape and defending our country's traditions. With more MEPs we would have an even stronger force for change.

But I know that after all that's been happening in Westminster you may know people who are thinking of voting UKIP. Many people did last time the elections were held in 2004 they trusted UKIP to be different but they have been let down badly. It's not just that UKIP is beset by in-fighting and scandal. It is that they have failed to stand up for Britain. They have voted for more EU red tape, voted to let Spanish trawlers fish in protected British waters and voted against global free trade - which isn't good for anyone. They don't deserve your vote........."

Let us consider just a few points from this 'tome of excellence':

'Britain's future is in Europe' - who says so, Mr. Cameron - you? How do we know when you will not even discuss the subject? Three times UKIP Witney have asked you to debate in public and three times you have refused! At least you appear to acknowledge that it is us, the electorate, who should decide with your statement 'We are the only major party offering you a referendum'.

Let us turn to the question of this 'promised' referendum. At your conference in Exeter, you are on record as saying a referendum would not be possible if it had already been adopted by the time you came to power - if you do come to power! Then in your Milton Keynes speech you stated there would be a referendum and did not qualify that statement with any 'ifs' or 'buts'. So which of those two statements is the true Conservative position? Then we come to your statement above; 'Britain's future is in Europe'. Mr. Cameron, if that statement is true, then how can we trust you to hold that referendum, when it is obvious you would lose? Why would you promise that, knowing you would lose?

Now let us consider 'I'm proud of what our MEPs have achieved. They've been fighting hard for British ........'. So you are proud of your MEP who stood up in the EU Parliament and publicly stated that he would vote 'Yes' to any measure the EU proposed?

Finally, let us consider your 'attack' on UKIP. 'It's not just that UKIP are beset by in-fighting and scandal' WTF? Who the bloody hell are you to criticise UKIP for involvement in 'scandal' when your own Party is mired in 'sleaze' in Westminster? UKIP acted immediately on their MEPs 'abuse' - pity that you cannot say the same viz-a-viz your MPs!

Chapter and verse please, Mr. Cameron - when did UKIP MEPs vote for more EU red tape, vote to let Spanish trawlers fish in protected British waters, vote against global free trade?

If anyone does not deserve your vote Mr. Cameron, it is you and the Conservative Party!

*Unable to photocopy the letter seen, which had to be hastily copied by hand in a busy pub!

Update: Reverting to the question of a referendum - this throws a new light on the matter and as can be seen it is obvious what the question on any referendum would be! And he still doesn't get it - only he can decide what is best for Britain!

I support our membership of the EU. I want us to change the EU so I don’t support an in/out referendum. I don’t think it’s right for Britain and I don’t think it’s what the country’s after. I think the country does though want a referendum on the EU constitution which they were promised by all their political parties........"

WTF (again) - you don't think it is right for Britain and you don't think it is what the country's after? We are not interested in what you think - we want to decide for ourselves!

Update Update: On the referendum question, it appears we are back to the 'we will not let matters rest there!

"Will he finally promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, even if it has been ratified elsewhere? He stays instead with the commitment to “not let matters rest”. I think everybody understands this, if the treaty is ratified by everyone and the election isn’t until 2010 and the Irish vote yes then obviously I won’t be content with that.”

So the Milton Keynes speech was just 'words' - a 'soundbite'! Either that, or David Cameron has changed his position yet again - is this what 'Vote For Change' means?

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