Monday, 25 May 2009

Cameron's 'Faux Pas'?

Politics Home picks up on a quote from David Cameron, made on Andrew Marr's Sunday programme:

"You know they've given power to the judges, on the one hand, and Europe on the other and the whole thing, frankly, is not in my control. Thats what people, I think are angry about. They want more control over their politics and their politicians."

There we have it - a frank admission that (a) power does not lie in his hands, (b) that he is therefore unable to 'govern' this country, if elected, and (c) knowing the system is wrong he is still going to campaign to remain a member, thus denying us more control over our politics and our politicians, which is what he says is needed.


It is going to be interesting to see how he digs himself out of this hole!

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