Friday, 29 May 2009

Purnell Can Write!

And there was me thinking he could only manage figures - and badly at that!

In his latest 'offering', in the Guardian:

"And the public must be involved in reshaping their democracy, perhaps through a citizen's convention that would debate and deliberate on urgent constitutional reform before the general election. Constitutional experts and politicians should be involved, but on an equal basis as other citizens."

The last thing we need is another 'quango' thank you; and the last people we need to sit on any 'convention' is any representative from the bunch of idiots that got Britain into the mess it now is!

"Yet a debate on constitutional reform alone would ignore the elephant in the room – money."

Listen Air Head - if we are to talk about constitutional reform, the 'elephant in the room' is not money - it is the European Union, the biggest block to any democratic system of government!

"Labour wants to increase the power of the powerless."

So why, in all that is holy, did Labour create all those unaccountable and unelected quangos, with whose existence yet more layers of government are created between those elected and those that elect? Labour has had 12 years to 'increase the power of the powerless' and all that has happened is, in fact, the exact bloody opposite!

If this article is the best you can do with words, Purnell, then might one suggest a refresher course in English composition - oh and get a dictionary, where you can start by looking up the definition of 'morals' and 'principles'!

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