Thursday, 21 May 2009

Reforming Parliament

Politics Home Insiders has been conducting an 'opinion poll' of Insiders on the above subject.

Whilst the suggestions made are a step in the right direction, they are insufficient in themselves, however it is good to see that yet more and more people would appear to have read 'The Plan' or, at least, are coming round to the view of adopting the ideas contained therein.

It is becoming obvious, regrettably, that most MPs and political commentators appear to be missing the most important aspect of any reform of how we are governed. Not one I have read acknowledges the point that it is us, the people, who should be allowed to decide how we are governed, something previously denied us by the refusal of the government to allow a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - but hey, whats new?

What, surely, would be an idea is if MPs spent their recess holding public meetings with their constituents and discussed with them what changes are needed to parliamentary procedures etc and took those findings back to a 'Constitutional Committee' - whose members should not just comprise of parliamentarians but also include constitutional lawyers - and then the proposals suggested put to the British people in a referendum?

As they say - just thinking.

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