Sunday, 24 May 2009

Blogger Vs Blogger

It is a matter of personal opinion, courtesy - use whatever term you like - with regard to the question of whether one should criticise another blogger.

It can be said, without hesitation, that of the blogs I follow there are many occasions where I disagree with some of the views expressed, however what is important is to recognise the right of that particular blogger to say what he/she thinks/believes.

If I have a problem with a blogger's post and the content therein, then I will debate those views/opinions direct, in the comments section. It is my own personal opinion that to descend to sarcasm, in rebutting an opinion or view, and to do so on ones own blog - which may not be read by the person concerned - does the rebutter no credit. In this context, I would refer to this:

"Or perhaps it's because people seldom bother to link to self-important and unutterably tedious guff?"

Content is in the eye of the reader - to paraphrase.

What I write may be considered by some as 'self-important' and 'unutterably tedious guff', however I do not force anyone to read it and those that view my 'witterings' have the equivalent of an 'off button', which they are perfectly able and at liberty to use.

Some of the views expressed by Richard North on EUReferendum I do disagree with, sometimes vehemently. However, in general, I still consider his views worthy of attention and believe his 'voice of reason' will, in the end, be proved correct.

Just saying, that is all - and if that upsets someone, then I offer my apologies.