Saturday, 6 June 2009

Are We Being Programmed?

As usual, Christopher Booker's column in the Sunday Telegraph is well worth reading, however I was struck by one section:

"Last year, in his final months as our energy minister, the now-resigned John Hutton stood out as the only politician to realise that, within seven years, Britain faces a terrifying energy crisis. As 17 of our nuclear and coal-fired power stations are forced to close, we will lose 40 per cent of our generating capacity. As Mr Hutton put it, “no nuclear, no coal, no power”. No sooner had he tried to impress this truth on his colleagues than he was moved to become Defence Secretary. We are now left with a bunch of windmill-obsessed fanatics, headed by Ed Miliband and supported by the Tories, who will be responsible for Britain’s lights going out."

It may have been noticed that a series of advertisements being presently screened on the television are 'suggesting' that we should switch off unwanted electrical appliances and not leave them on standby, as this will significantly help cut the CO2 emissions.

Now put these advertisements alongside Booker's article and one has to wonder whether this is but a scheme to put off the time when our energy demand will exceed our energy production; when power-cuts will become the norm and for which we are now being 'conditioned' to accept.

Just a thought, as they say........

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