Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Expenses Scandal - Straw's 'Mea Culpa'

If further proof were needed that those in the heirachy of the political parties knew that the system of MP's expenses and allowances were in need of changing, this must be it.

"Mr Straw also said he regretted not having tackled the expenses system in this time as Leader of the House. He referred to the expenses scandal as "a terrible tsunami, a great meteorite from the sky" and said: "I regret very much that we didn't sort out the expenses problem when we saw it coming."

Remember that Jack Straw was Leader of the House 2006/2007, so this has been 'known about' for 2/3 years!

And now it is all suddenly 'news' to them, including Our Dear Leader - who it may be recalled said he did not come into politics to see MPs run away with money that they are not due. And we are asked to believe that Straw, as Leader of the House, did not talk to Blair and Brown?

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