Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Women MPs Quitting The (Kitchen) Cabinet?

It is indeed odd that Hewitt, Hughes and Smith all 'happen' to announce their intentions of stepping down from either Ministerial office - in the case of Smith - or as MPs, in the cases of Hughes and Hewitt.

Benedict Brogan has a post in which he announces that Hazel Blears is getting the blame for Smith's announcement, on the basis that she, Blears, did not wish to be the only woman given the order of the boot.

If, as Smith has let be known that she informed Brown of her wish to step down at the next reshuffle, the question has to be asked of Brown: why did he not act then and appoint a new Home Secretary? The indecision by Brown just underlines his inability to act as he should, especially when compounded with the actions of Purnell, Hoon and Blears who have all, obviously broken the 'spirit' of the rules governing expenses.

Reverting to the point about the coincidence of three women announcing their 'resignations' on the same day, coupled with the finger being pointed at Blears for 'outing' Smith brings to mind an old adage:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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