Friday, 4 December 2009

Journalism (Again!!)

The Daily Telegraph has a peach of an editorial in today's issue on the subject of drink/driving which links in with a separate article.

The article states that there is "mounting pressure on the Government to fall into line with other European Union countries by reducing the legal limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50mg." What the article does not state is that the pressure being applied on the Government arises from an EU 'Initiative' and dates back to 2004 when the EU decided it wanted common drink-driving limits.

Richard North at EU Referendum has picked up on this subterfuge by both the Daily Telegraph and the Government immediately. What is also important is, as Richard points out, this drink/drive limit is but one of many proposals that the EU wish to introduce, such as speed limits, uniform fines and random breath tests.

If we, the public, cannot rely on our media outlets - whether that is the BBC or newspapers - to inform us or report news fairly, what hope is there that we have a free press; because at the moment it does not look like it when we have half-truths presented, such as this article and editorial

The Daily Telegraph prides itself on the fact that it is a 'quality' newspaper. A great pity it does not employ quality staff to write the content!

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