Thursday, 3 June 2010

Administrative Government

An interesting section in Open Europe's press summary for today contains a mention of the 'Star Chamber' designed to review all regulation inherited from the previous government as part of the effort to reduce 'red tape' and the costs thereof.

The FT reports that much of the regulation under review stems from the EU and cannot be blocked. But the Department said ministers would overhaul the way the EU law was being implemented to avoid unduly prescriptive "gold plating". So, the fact that the basic regulation may not be considered necessary in the first place means that the UKGovernment EU Regional Administrative Centre cannot repeal it. 

This must surely illustrate, yet again, that we are no longer a self-governing nation. Of course Cameron and Clegg - lapdogs of the EU - will not admit it as they have managed the anatomical feat of having their heads firmly wedged far up the rear orifice of the other.

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