Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Carswell & Hannan - Two Leader(less) Politicians?

Douglas Carswell & Daniel Hannan co-author a piece in the Guardian's Comment is Free section today, which unfortunately raises more questions about their motives.

It is noted that Direct Democracy has been launched as a public campaign, but no mention is made of how they intend to progress this 'campaign'. Their article contains fine words - and great ideas which would be welcomed by the electorate, if the electorate were informed of them - yet there is no suggestion by Carswell & Hannan of what they plan to do, or even suggestions of what the electorate could do.

Regrettably, all the signs so far are that Carswell & Hannan will remain ensconced within the Tory(?) party and hope to change matters from within. As has been shown with the example of the EU, change from within just ain't gonna happen and as a result I believe the electorate deserve more than just fine words from Carswell & Hannan - they deserve leadership, they deserve a banner under which to unite and through which they can escape the oppression of state control over their lives.

So DDs (Douglas & Daniel) - are you leaders or leaderless?


ferdinand said...

You clearly haven't read The Plan which sets out in fair detail the modus operandi. I think it would have paid you to look at this first.

Witterings From Witney said...


Oh I have read The Plan, rest assured. What I am saying is that Carswell & Hannan need to show some leadership on this question. It is all very well writing about it, but pressure needs to be made in the House etc. Ideally, if they really did mean to do something then they would form another party with those MPs signed up to direct democracy in the House.