Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Acknowledging that the events in Cumbria today are distressing - especially for the families of the victims - and that one's sympathies are obviously extended to those families, this raises the age old question which has been debated ad nauseam.

Had our police been armed, is it not possible that the list of those dead might well have been far, far less? This policeman seems to think so. Before the howls of protest come, quoting for example Stockwell, pause for one moment. What is more acceptable - the odd mistake or the prevention of needless deaths?

Just a thought (again)..................


Quiet_Man said...

Perhaps if more of the population were armed rather than criminals or the police this could have been nipped in the bud quicker.

Yes I know that some accidents would happen too, but the public in the UK are not trusted by those in power either. (possibly with good reason)

Witterings From Witney said...


"Yes I know that some accidents would happen too, but the public in the UK are not trusted by those in power either. (possibly with good reason)"

What, like we might be minus one or two politicians?

Captain Ranty said...

Damn! QM beat me to it.

If this nutter had known there were weapons in almost every house he drove by, would he have still embarked on this nasty little revenge mission in the first place?

Being armed isn't just a right we should be prepared to die for, we should also be prepared to kill for it.


Witterings From Witney said...

There is that CR. Just think of the possibilities - all those Europhiles, politicos, 'Crats, ASH and the like.

Seriously though, I take your point and the 'US right' to carry a gun may well be the way to go. A little bit of Dirty Harry dished out might also bring our 'crims' into line too!

Helen said...

No need to arm the police. Just restore the right to bear arms to people. Think of all those times in the States when a loon with guns out of control was prevented from doing more damage by a well-placed shot and all those times when even more damage was done by there not being any guns for that well-placed shot.

Then there is your idea, Witterings about potential targets.

Lord T said...

I would think that more of the public have been killed by Plod than by nutters like this.

Bring back the right to bear arms and let us sort it out.

May be a bit of blood around at first as the dregs of society resist but it'll settle down.

Anonymous said...

I do not trust the police with guns but only they and the villains have them. Strange really, both of them can shoot us with impunity but don't let us have the means to protect ourselves, I mean the police are so good at it aren't they????

Witterings From Witney said...

H & LT: Yup, with you all the way. And H, the way our politicos are heading, that may be our only option to get rid of the bastards!

A, Are the police actually any good at anthing?