Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Err, Pardon?

In this age of austerity it would seem that a little noticed story in the Express has passed everyone by during the days of the 'In-Laws' and 'Out-Laws' saga. It would appear that Anglesey County Council has hired a consultant, at the princely sum of £1,160 per day, to stop 'bickering' amongst its members.

Question(s): Is not 'bickering', presumably over policy, part of the democratic process? Does not the attempt to stop disagreement stifle the democratic process? Does the Leader of the Council lack the basic ability, a pre-requisite in any 'manager', to ensure those under him work as harmoniously as possible? Although 'bickering' is a part of a healthy democracy, the arguments and debates are supposed to result in some kind of progress being made, for the benefit of the electorate. Details are sparse, to say the least, however if this council cannot function in a progressive and beneficial manner, then rather than throwing good money after bad, perhaps they should consider their own positions and stand aside – letting others that can do the job replace them.

Just a thought..............

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