Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Time Has Come......

The time has, indeed, come to talk of many things - things like democracy, what it means and how it should work; self-determination; self-reliance and self-sufficiency; law & order, society and what it should mean; freedom and personal choice; one's labour - and the rewards in later life, for which one works to provide; whether we wish to be 'Great' Britain - or 'Little' Britain.

Unfortunately, none of this appears to be of interest to the political class - so what say you people, should we not discuss this? Has the time not come, when we force the political class to discuss these matters? Should not we, the people, demand?

Shucks, that means 'direct democracy' and all those pesky referendums...........but that of course, in turn, means that Carswell and Hannan would need to get off their butts!

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