Thursday, 3 June 2010

What A Difference!

Courtesy of Muffled Vociferation, from whom I nicked the pic:

And the reason for the difference is? We all know that the last government had a policy of pakiing - sorry, typo - packing them in; but is it that Pakistan, for example, has become too 'westernised' for the religious diehards, forcing them to find somewhere else to live - hence the influx here and elsewhere? Who can blame anyone wishing to escape a life of poverty? Human nature being what it is, it is only natural that people will do whatever is necessary to start a new life, especially one that offers untold 'benefits' that are unimaginable in their country of origin.

Our governments, during the years 1997-2010, have questions to answer in that they changed our society and in so doing did not ask 'their' people for permission. Not only that, but those politicians who made the decision were 'cushioned' from the immediate effects of mass immigration on our society through their own status in our society. It is noticable that the politicians who made the concious decision to change our society no longer hold office, or in some instances positions as MPs, so they cannot be asked to rectify their mistake/experiment/gerrymandering.

So, what to do? It will take generations to revert to the type of society that I believe most British people want. Perhaps future governments need to agree to the idea of the people setting the conditions for future immigration: acceptance of what is termed the British 'way of life', no religious symbolism - be that building or dress, no mechanism for self-support - then no entry and in order to retain the present level of population those entering equals those leaving. Finally a policy - sure to enrage some - acceptance of British 'values', or leave.

Just a few thoughts - others welcome........


James Higham said...

Immediate cessation of immigration from non-integrating cultures.

Witterings From Witney said...

That too, James.

Mrs Rigby said...

I was sure I'd seen these pictures somewhere else!

I've always had this 'itch' that says things might be easier for Britain if we'd been full signatories to Schengen - and joined the club. As it stands people from Europe get searched coming into UK, and they don't like it.

It's too late now though, we have to deal with those who are here and find a way of getting the first generation to integrate, which'll be difficult with all the 'rights' laws.

Sue said...

Many Islamic countries are very strict on dress and behaviour by foreigners, some misdemeanours even leading to convictions and prison.

The UK is our country and if it were up to the British people, we would insist that those wishing to settle, should integrate and not invade.

The UK Government and the EU are responsible for this mess.

Witterings From Witney said...

Which is why Sue, that I basically say integrate or bugger off!